Future Dinner

Don’t miss the collaborative hangout at Bridge Future Dinner on the evening of October 7th!
Wherever you are (within resonable time zones) you can prepare a three course meal and enjoy it comfortably at home, while sharing the experience with a bunch of other Bridgers.
Our master chef Sofie will guide you to make three courses where you can infuse as much future as you like. It can be as easy as ordering streetfood or as advanced as any all-the-way-hipster-cooking-session ever was. Totally up to you!
Our host, Jonas, introduces each course with a 2-minute future-looking provocation and you shape your breakout conversations as best you like. Back in main session we will share and re-group.
The Dinner starts at 18:30, which gives you the time to prepare your meal after the last session of the day.