Bridge Markets Health or Bridge Markets Climate

Track 1: Bridge Markets Health

Preventive Healthtech for consumers
For most diseases, the best way to reduce treatment costs is to prevent people from becoming patients in the first place. One solution would be to come up with better analysis technology. But it is equally important to encourage people in risk groups to dare to find out and actually take the test. Early and reliable diagnostics along with creative outreach campaigns are needed to make this happen. How may a shopping mall be used to challenge the ways we get informed about our health?
Medicon Village, Longitude Prize, Pictor Labs

Access to safe water for everyone
Clean drinking water is probably the most critical resource for humanity to thrive and a main reason for geopolitical conflicts in the future. Technologies for purification and distribution exist, but need to function in a context where all relevant stakeholders are working together to maintain access. How may local water utility companies involve the community and the latest water technology to improve their security and avoid the next epidemic?
Water Aid, The Challenges Group


Track 2: Bridge Markets Climate

Viable travel and mobility beyond Covid-19
Travel and transportation represent 20% of consumers’ greenhouse gas emissions. The corona crisis has shown that such behavior can change rapidly. But how will the need for transport and mobility really change in the future and how may today’s stakeholders collaborate to prototype covid-safe and climate friendly mobility for the future?

M Volvo Car Mobility, Egencia, Axis Communications

All household waste into resource
Household waste is a double challenge for most cities around the world. It is both an environmental hazard and a missed opportunity to turn something worthless into a valuable resource. If the amount of household waste that reaches the sorting station can be increased by 50%, this would mean a substantial and valuable improvement for cities like Bangalore, India and Lusaka, Zambia.